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Nice food

Emma, 27 Feb 2021

Always good food

Paula, 27 Feb 2021

Took two hours to arrive (this was after I’d chased after 1.5 hours) and when it did was completely cold. Really disappointed as normally really enjoy the food from here but this has really put me off ordering from here again now. 07718885958

Vicky, 26 Feb 2021

  Reply : Sorry Vicki not acceptable tex

Did not recieve the cans of pop

Alison, 26 Feb 2021

Great food!

Sam, 22 Feb 2021

No cheese on my chicken kebab which I paid extra for plus I don’t believe that the 3 chicken kebabs was large I’ve had a lot bigger in the past when I’ve ordered large from here. Not happy

Lee, 20 Feb 2021

We’ve used Chatts’s for years and the quality and service is second to none.

Mike, 14 Feb 2021

Spot on as usual

Tony, 13 Feb 2021

Top quality food!!

Dean, 13 Feb 2021


Szabina, 11 Feb 2021

Always delicious. Can never fault it. Best pizza around.

Thomas, 09 Feb 2021

Best pizza

Darren, 06 Feb 2021

Really love the food

Lisa, 02 Feb 2021


Ryan, 29 Jan 2021


Ryan, 29 Jan 2021

Love the food

Lisa, 29 Jan 2021

Really nice and excellent value for kiney

Kelsey Goodwin, 23 Jan 2021

Really nice food and the taste is unreal.

Lee, 06 Jan 2021

  Reply : Thank you Lee appreciate your comments

Please remember to double check the requested delivery time. Our food came over an hour earlier than requested which had also happened before.

Jonathan, 31 Dec 2020

Great food

Emma, 21 Dec 2020

Brilliant as usual. Never had a bad one yet.

Lesley, 19 Dec 2020

Brilliant as usual. Thank you.

Lesley, 19 Dec 2020

Always lovely food

David, 18 Dec 2020

Very good service

David, 17 Dec 2020

Great service

David, 17 Dec 2020

Only issue is that the restaurant forgot free gift for orders over £20, even though I followed the instructions and mentioned it in the comment box.

Don, 16 Dec 2020